Day of Coordinator

What is the Difference Between a Coordinator and a Planner?

"What is the difference between a coordinator and a planner?" This is a question that I get from my clients at the very first consultation. There is a big difference between a coordinator (day of) and a planner (long term planning). A coordinator is someone who coordinates your entire day, from start to finish anywhere between 8-12 hours depending on your event and the needs of your day. Typically my clients who book me and my team are very hands on and understand that it is them  (the client) that has to book all vendors, book their venue, view contracts and make payments to them.

When the 30 day prior mark comes, we reach out to the client, schedule a meeting to discuss all that we need to do in regards to their special day. We cover logistics, vendor management, venue management, timeline, RSVP's received and day of responsibilities. Then on the day of we coordinate from start to finish. This type of package/plan is great for an organized and involved bride. Someone who has time for all the planning details that come along with it. I always say anyone can plan their own wedding, but do they have the time, the energy? Most times... no.

Which leads me to a planner. I know what you are thinking,"Planners cost more." Yup. You got that right! As they should. On average, depending on when you hire him/her as your planner, this planner is going to spend at least, 30-40 hours a week leading up to your event if not more. Not only are they working when you are away from them but they are at every tasting, vendor meeting, site visit, design session, hair and make up trials, dress fittings for you and your bridesmaids, I can go on and on. Not to mention the 10+ hours they are going to work on the day of your wedding making sure that every ounce of energy that they have put into planning your wedding and the vision that you have is implemented and comes to life! 

So before you look at prices of what coordinators cost over prices of planners ask your self, "How much support to I need? Do I have time to plan, meet with vendors, tour venues, look at contracts? Do I want my BFF or sister or even my mom to worry about all the details?" Or "Do I want a professional to take all the worry and stress off of me and my family and let her/him help me?" Only you have that answer - take the time to really think it through and know what you are paying for.