Queer Friendly, Fun and Loving Downtown Wedding


Mariah and Steph were such a joy to work with. We could tell you all about it, but we'd rather let them tell you! 


"We found Dee on our quest for a queer-friendly wedding coordinator and knew the minute we hung up from our first Skype call with her that she was perfect for us. We live in MI and our wedding was in Phoenix so we knew it was imperative we found a coordinator we could trust. I identify as genderqueer and had needs around my pronouns, nouns, names for our wedding party, language for our day, etc. Dee ensured all of our vendors understood this, saving me and my then-fiance a ton of stress.

We hired Dee to do day-of coordination which included the 30 days prior to and after the wedding, but Dee was with us every step of the way. She recommended vendors, helped us go over contracts, and most importantly told us every time we talked that we were on track and didn't need to worry. This is the greatest gift Dee ever gave us - her continued reassurance & support that we were okay. Dee is calm and reassuring but a total badass when you need her to be. She'll go to bat for you when vendors make mistakes or aren't giving you what you need. She went and got our permits for us without us asking so we didn't have to worry about it. She wrangled our 20+ person family. She decorated our departure pedicab for us as a surprise. Dee is everything you need her to be exactly when you need it without you having to ask. She accepts feedback. She can handle it when you don't agree with a decision or a design or an idea. She embraces your family. She will fight for you as a couple and she will make sure every last detail that you didn't even think about is done. She problem-solves on the fly. She knows you well enough that by the day-of, she doesn't need to bother you, she just fixes it and it's perfect. If you are a queer couple, you MUST hire her. If you are a straight couple, she's incredible and you will not be disappointed. We thought it was a lot of money at first, but in hindsight, Dee's services were absolutely priceless. You cannot go wrong here."